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The truth is, you’re not going to get over it. Every day you will remember. And it will hurt. And either you will let them win, and you will continue hurting, or you’ll put it behind you and live. And 15 years later I’m still reminded of her everywhere I look, and she still means everything to me. If something happened to her and I found out now, I would lose my shit.
My brother, saying relevant drunky things (via tealversace)


Do you ever crave to be touched? Even in the most innocent way. I want someone to just hug me for a very long time or someone to lean against/ someone to lean on me. Maybe while sitting or laying next to someone just to have our legs, arms, or feet touching would be nice. I think that when you’re lonely for so long you constantly want to feel someone against you just as a constant reminder that you’re not alone.

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